New Samsung Flip Pro empowers seamless collaboration

Samsung has launched its 2022 Flip Pro interactive display in Southeast Asia & Oceania.

Shown off at the Samsung Display Tech Summit in Bangkok in September, the display promises to level up classroom and office collaboration.

The Flip Pro is targeted at classrooms and meeting spaces in a hybrid world where display solutions need to be seamlessly connected, easy to use and immersive, while enabling multiple users to collaborate at the same time whether they are physically present or virtual.

Available in 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch and 85-inch models, it offers high-quality collaboration with real-world writing and drawing experiences with pen and brush modes, integrated video call apps, multiple connectivity and wireless screen sharing.

The Flip Pro delivers industry-best latency at just 26ms and has 2,048 points of thickness built directly into the display.

Prediction logic is applied to ensure a realistic, smooth drawing experience. The display also enables multi-touch for up to 20 people to interact seamlessly. The 4K display sports a pen and brush mode that provides a real-world writing experience, while flexible erasing requires just a swipe of a finger or palm.

“Collaboration is no longer exclusively online-online or offline-offline, but it is hybrid,” said Leslie Goh, head of regional display solutions for Southeast Asia & Oceania in Samsung Electronics.

“It is essential to implement technology that can bring individuals together as if were in the same room, while simultaneously ensuring that that the output is productive and seamless,” he added.

The Flip Pro is easily connected to devices that users possess, be it a laptop or smartphone. It comes with connections for USB and USB Type- C, HDMI, DisplayPort and Open Pluggable Specification (OPS)1.

Users can easily hook up to the Flip Pro to access content and display information on a larger screen to be shared with everyone on-site and connected virtually, as it is able to connect to a network through a LAN port. Plus, there is wireless screen mirroring, so the audience can join in the discussion easily, making for a more engaging interaction.

The Flip Pro is capable of showing the screens from multiple devices that are connected simultaneously. A multi-view feature enables up to four screens to be wirelessly put up, which will be useful in large meeting rooms as well as digitalised classrooms.

Using Samsung’s MagicINFO Remote Management solution, Flip Pro allows for schools and offices to push content such as updates and announcements. Security is an important component of any new digital device and the Flip Pro is no different.

With Workspace secured by Samsung Knox, the interactive screen enables users to easily access remote PC, network drive and other third-party applications2 such as Office 365 and VMWare.

1Optional Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) mount sold separately and currently only available for 75” and 85” model.

2Available apps may vary by region and require service subscription.

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