InAVator: Shaun O’Connor, PrickImage

The road to bringing a wearable technology concept to life is not an easy one, as Charlotte Ashley learns speaking to PrickImage founder Shaun O’Connor.

Then Shaun O’Connor ?rst told technicians about his vision for a lightweight, portable device that would bring 3D animations and characters to life on the street, people thought it was impractical to pick a projector. Now WalkPro3D can be found at concerts, on catwalks and buildings around the world. How did he do it? Four off-the-shelf elements of technology, a good measure of patience, and not being afraid to tear up the rulebook.

Originally from New Zealand, O’Connor chose to retrain in digital media after moving to London in 1998, deciding he wanted to further pursue creativity outside of the hospitality sector. After enjoying research into the applications of wallpaper digital displays, he graduated with a ?rst class BA from London’s College of Communication, despite dyslexia meaning he sometimes struggled with writing down his ideas.

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