Christie projectors create visuals for Linjiang Bridge Tower, China

An iconic fish-shaped tower that overlooks Linjiang Bridge in Wuhu city, Anhui Province, China features projection mapping on its façade made possible by six Crimson WU25 3DLP laser projectors. The project was delivered by Christie’s Chinese partner Wincomn Technology.

Tony Chen, general manager of Wincomn Technology, said: “We are delighted to be involved in the design, installation and delivery of this projection mapping show to emphasize the importance of Wuhu as ‘the hometown of fish and rice’ due to its proximity to the Yangtze River and an important centre for rice trading. This project demands the best in projection and Christie’s Crimson Series is the natural choice for this large-scale installation due to its ability to deliver big, bright and intensely colourful images for amazing visual experiences. We are impressed with its IP5X-sealed, solid-state laser light source in a rugged and compact chassis.”

Chen noted that the Wincomn team devoted much time to designing the projection contents to accentuate the architectural aspects of Linjiang Bridge Tower, ensuring that the theme and images match with its fish-shaped façade . Efforts had also gone into highlighting various elements – fish, rice, paddy fields and fish-shaped lanterns – that Wuhu is known for.

The double-stacked Christie Crimson laser projectors are fitted within a custom-built tower enclosure to deliver projection in all weather conditions

Chen added: “This is the perfect combination of aesthetics and projection elements that strengthen the cultural connotation of Linjiang Bridge Tower and at the same time, allowing it exude a unique charm through the magic of light and shadow.”

Besides housing the double-stacked projectors in a custom-built ‘tower-like’ enclosure to protect them from inclement weather, the Wincomn team optimised the projection design to overcome the issue of projection light loss due to the tower’s glass surface. The team’s work and attention to detail eventually paid off with bright and lifelike visuals.

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