Completely wireless 55-in display can be stuck to the wall using suction

The first demo units of a wireless 55-in displays, called Displace TV, have been shown at CES 2023 in Las Vegas.

Displace TV is a 55-in 4K display, which weighs around 9kg. It is powered by 4 hot swappable batteries inside the display which are enough for 6-hours usage. The batteries can be swapped out while the display is still running.

It features its own suction pump system which can be attached to most surfaces, inlcuding glass.

It works by streaming content from a hidden processor elsewhere in the room, this box is the same size as a standard PC tower. 

The display can work with up to 6 other Dispalce displays, all run from the same single processor box.

The screen recognises hand gestures as a way of controlling control on-screen - a small camera is hidden at the top of the display to help it do this.

The display can also be combined side-by-side to create a 110-in 8K display, or  even a 2x2 videowall to create a 220-in screen capable of 16K resolution. 

There are only 100 units available for pre-order at the moment, which will start shipping in December.


pic: YouTube/Endgadget

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