Hexogon Solution and Panasonic join forces to light up 2021

Discover the driving factors behind Hexogon Solution’s decision to expand its projector fleet with the acquisition of Panasonic PT-RQ35K laser projectors.

The past year has been tough for the entertainment and events industry to say least, and the way forward is still challenging. However, Panasonic is approaching 2021 with cautious optimism. William Chan, deputy managing director at Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific, says: “I think everyone knows that Covid-19 caused unprecedented disruption to the entertainment and events industry. It is imperative for operators to remain vigilant and creative to combat this disruption. But we have to move forward even if it is in baby steps. At Panasonic, we believe we have the right technologies and resources to help our business partners grow and achieve their aims.”

Hexogon Solution was in the midst of ‘moving forward’ before the disruption to the market. Rather than deviate from the course, it did its due diligence and persisted. Adrian Goh, managing director for Hexogon Solution, says: “We had a large lamp-based projector fleet, and we knew that we needed to change to laser. The primary reason of course is efficiency. Secondly, we needed to renew our fleet of projectors to be competitive in the market. And thirdly, we wanted to make sure that we stayed ahead of our competition. The transition was difficult to begin with and it was made even harder by the disruption caused by Covid-19. But this disruption has slowed everyone down, and that does present a window of opportunity for us to plan our strategy carefully and implement it. In some respects, the slowdown allows us the time to breathe and consider our options with regards to the transition.”

Hexogon Solution made the decision to upgrade its fleet with the addition of Panasonic PT-RQ35K laser projectors.

Investing in the midst of a market downturn might seem counter-intuitive, but Hexogon Solution made the decision with prudence. Goh details why it was the right call: "Laser brings cost savings. For one, we do not need to purchase as many consumables. Secondly, Hexogon Solution provides turnkey solutions for its clients, which includes power supply. After the lamp-to-laser transition a year ago, we saw at least 30% savings on power consumption. For an event using 60 to 70 projectors over a week, that amounts to significant savings in fuel usage. And the fact that with sealed components in the projector, maintenance is easier and more reliable."

The choice of Panasonic PT-RQ35K laser projectors is also not coincidental. Goh had a particular set of requirements when looking to expand his projector fleet. He details: "Our choice derived from a few important factors. As I mentioned, we're not using just two or three projectors for our events; we're talking about anywhere between 30 to 80 projectors which have to be deployed to different places. So, the first point of consideration for us was how compact the projector could be? We needed something compact and easy to move around. Then there was the consideration of size versus brightness. We need the projectors to be as bright as possible. We used to identify 20,000 lumens projectors as our main fleet. Now we have upgraded that to a minimum of 30,000 lumens. So, we wanted 30,000 lumens brightness in a package as compact as possible."

Chan explains how the PT-RQ35K met the requirements of Hexogon Solution: “Any product or solution that we design and launch, we take serious and careful steps in ensuring that the functionality and solution itself take into account the voices of our partners and customers. At Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific, it is part of our commitment to ensure the success of our partners. The PT-RQ35K was designed after taking onboard feedback from not only Hexogon Solution but a number of Panasonic’s partners. We knew what the market’s requirements were and our R&D was focused to meet these requirements. The end result is that the PT-RQ35K series is the world's smallest and lightest 30,000 lumens 3-Chip DLP 4K projector [*1]. It’s so small and light and that it just required two people to transport and install it. And to put it into further context, we’ve managed to make the PT-RQ35K series 40% smaller than our PT-RQ32K [*2]. Its footprint is almost equivalent to the PT-RQ22K.”

Goh talks about further factors: “You also have to consider that the projector does not function by itself, it needs a lens. When we were considering which projector to go for, we looked at whether we can use the lenses that we already have and whether or not we could ‘future-proof’ ourselves by checking if the lenses could be used for future models.”

Chan says: “Panasonic understands the business nature and the challenges that all our partners are facing. One of the key considerations is the usage of lenses, which can be cross used within their projector fleet. When we design lenses, we design them to be interchangeable across older and newer Panasonic projector models. Technology moves at a fast pace, but we try to ensure that our partners are able to use their collection of lenses with our latest products to reduce their total cost of ownership and improve their ROI.”

Goh also considered past projector experience when picking the Panasonic PT-RQ35K laser projectors: "We started using Panasonic projectors approximately two years ago, and they had an excellent track record, we have had almost zero failures. We 'tortured' our equipment quite a bit. Not through mishandling but the environments our projectors operate in are very challenging. Take Singapore as an example; we have high temperatures, high humidity and salt-laden outdoor environment. We try and use the appropriate protection from all these factors, but elements like humidity are something we cannot control. We can't be using custom enclosures every single time. So, the fact that Panasonic has a proven track record from our experience gave us confidence in their latest model."

With the addition of the Panasonic PT-RQ35K laser projectors, Goh believes Hexogon Solution is in good stead moving forward: "Our projection mapping and multimedia shows have two main components. There is the equipment which must meet technical specifications, and there is the creativity in terms of the content we develop and create. Creativity is subjective, and its quality depends on those viewing it. But the quality of equipment is more objective, and it is something we can control. From that point of view, the constant upgrading of our projectors allows us to be at the forefront of technological advancement and remain competitive anywhere around the world."

Chan concludes: “The success of our partners and their businesses is also the success of our business. So, it is very important that we work closely together. The entertainment and events industry is a core focus for Panasonic and we are committed to supporting our partners in this sector and working with them to combat the challenges and collaborate on technical activities and projects that we can value add and embark on together.”

*1 Based on publicly available dimensions and weight for 3-Chip DLP 4K laser projectors with 26,000–35,000 lumens brightness as of December 2020.
*2 By cabinet volume according to internal research.

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