Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre upgrades audio systems with Harman

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) has upgraded its audio system with the selection of a Harman Profession al networked audio solution. Harman’s Australian distributor, avt, worked closely with MCEC for the project.

Graham Barrett, head of strategic partnerships and innovation at avt, said: “MCEC approached us to support them in the development of a robust, self-sufficient solution that would upgrade its digital signal processing capabilities and minimise audio issues during events. After evaluating their requirements, we recommended Harman’s networked AV solutions to compose a system that would provide the necessary flexibility and allow them to easily expand the platform in the future.”

MCEC selected the BSS by Harman platform for its adaptability and capacity to incorporate multiple network streams of different types while simultaneously carrying all audio signals. The MCEC had previously upgraded its video capabilities with the selection of AMX products.

The Dante-enabled BSS solution provides MCEC with a global network, allowing them to support customers on a single platform and route any audio signal from any source to any destination throughout the facility.

Michael Walker, infrastructure and equipment manager at MCEC, said: “We needed to switch from our outdated copper network due to its inherent weakness, and we wanted a system with the strength of a modern network protocol. It had to be capable of supporting a live production environment without a single point of failure. We’re pleased to say that since installing the Harman system, we haven’t had a single incident of network failure or dropout without the redundant link automatically solving the problem, and our customers haven’t faced any audio issues in their event spaces.”

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