Tapping directly into the brain to deliver haptic feedback

Haptic feedback to support VR can be created by non-invasive stimulation of parts of the brain according to research published by a group of academics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

The researchers built on the “rubber hand illusion”, a phenomenon that makes people feel that a rubber hand is their own when visual and touch information is combined, to deliver the system. 

In this study they found it was possible to create the same feeling in participants by directly tapping into their brain via non-invasive brain stimulation rather than stimulation of their hand. 

The research was published on February 20, 2018 by M. Bassolino M. Franza  J. Bello Ruiz  M. Pinardi  T. Schmidlin  M.A. Stephan  M. Solcà  A. Serino O. Blanke.

Read the paper here.

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