Tennis Center deploys DAS Audio system for 2022 Asian Games

Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang province, China is preparing to host the 2022 Asian Games in one of the largest Olympic Sports Center of its kind. The Tennis Center, which belongs to this complex, has deployed DAS Audio systems for audio coverage.

The stadium boasts a tennis court for the finals, which can accommodate 10,000 spectators, two venues for semifinal matches with 2,000 seats respectively, and a 6,000 seats temporary swimming pool constructed on top of the main arena. The versatility of the Tennis Centre and the unique design of its roof posed a challenge for the acoustic installation since it was necessary to guarantee wide coverage, consistency and high performance in all the seats. The impressive rotary retractable roof formed by 8 steel ‘petals’, which can be opened or closed depending on weather conditions, required a weather-resistant audio system to perform to the highest level regardless of the position of the roof.

The team at DAS Audio China worked very closely with the local engineering contractor and both sides collaborated in the design and completion of the installation.

The HQ series speakers with IP54 certification were chosen for the installation. The HQ series is designed for medium to large size installations offering controlled coverage patterns, long-throw and high output capabilities. In addition, interior and exterior coatings are made for weather resistance and extended durability in extreme environments. DAS Audio’s DX (100I/80I) series digital amplifier with built-in DSP processor and Dante transmission protocol were installed to improve reliability and stability.

Providing wide coverage was also essential to enhance the acoustic experience at the Tennis Centre. To this end, the system was precisely distributed throughout the facility on four clusters of 2 x HQ212.95 flown over the east and west spectator stands, 12 clusters of 2 x HQ212.95 flown over the north and south spectator stands, six clusters of 2 x HQ212.95 flown over the main arena, four clusters of 4 x HQ212.64 flown over the VIP spectator area, and 2 x Vantec12 as floor monitors in front of the podium.

The sound system was put to the test at the official inauguration of the stadium for the 14th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) held in December 2018.

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