SPONSORED 09.06.20

Inavate + Midwich: Critical services


The corporate sector is in the middle of an upheaval. Michael Broadbent, Managing Director, Midwich APAC, believes we are seeing a fundamental shift in how AV is perceived.

“In the past, commercial AV was once a ‘nice to have’ and often a bit of an afterthought for a lot of corporate operators,” he explains. “The impact of Covid-19 and its subsequent disruption has meant corporate operators now realise AV is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it is an essential and critical business tool for now and for future business continuity.”

At the same time, Broadbent is aware that AV systems and products deployed in corporate environments are changing. “Even though software is becoming more prominent, there will still be a long-lasting place for hardware. Of course, this doesn’t change the fact that ‘value add’ is critical for our future as a distributor. With AV and IT convergence and a new evolution of unified communications and collaboration [UC&C], Midwich must extend its ‘value add’ proposition.”

With a focus on adding value and a realisation of the direction the market was headed, Midwich acted. “When talking about UC&C in the corporate sector, we knew it was about additional services and this led us down the path of starting a conversation with Vantage Systems,” recalls Broadbent. “The timing was perfect. We could see we needed to add services, including managed services, in a manner that did not conflict with the channel and Vantage Systems was at the point where it wanted to take this idea and scale it. Midwich and Vantage Systems coming together was a way forward for both parties.”

Mark Buckley, Director UC & Services, Midwich APAC and previously Managing Director at Vantage Systems, leverages his experience to distil the core challenge faced by corporate operators. “The main issue that the UC industry has been facing is the level of concentration required for a human being to participate in a multi-party conference call which is all based on the resolution and the clarity of audio and video,” notes Buckley. “If you are struggling to hear, you have to concentrate harder and as you concentrate harder, you cannot sustain the effort for a longer meeting.”

Thankfully, there is a solution available. “If you get on a plane, you want it to take off on time and land on time,” explains Buckley. “In the corporate environment, it is managed services that provide the ‘predictability’ for a UC solution to ensure meetings start on time and can proceed without incident – without the detrimental impact of technical interruptions and glitches.”