Proto Hologram expands to Australia

Proto has expanded to Australia with its first permanent unit on the continent. Teleln, which has a history of innovating and providing robotics throughout the APAC region, has begun using the holoportation technology.

Proto is a patented hologram communications platform that is suitable for applications such as telecommunications, retail, education, marketing, sports, entertainment, the art world and more.

Benjamin Farkas, managing director of Teleln, said: “I'm thrilled to be able to bring Proto's cutting-edge holoportation technology to Australia. This is an exciting extension to our existing telepresence technology lineup and complements organizations looking for a 'whole of solution' approach to new ways of communication. I see massive potential across many industries, including education, corporate and healthcare. This technology can connect students with educators from different locations in the education sector, allowing schools to provide on-demand expertise for niche subjects, especially during our current teacher skills shortage. The applications are beneficial for regional and remote schools where access to education talent is limited.”

Pilot program discussions are underway in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, where the technology will be tested and evaluated and feedback sought for further refinement.

Farkas added: “I'm genuinely excited to see the potential impact that Proto's holoportation technology can have in Australia and how it can enhance how we communicate and collaborate.”

David Nussbaum, inventor and CEO of Proto Hologram, said: “Australians know better than most how geography affects you. So who better to lead the way into a future where we can be wherever we need to be, and want to be, without an 18-hour flight? I’m excited to see what Benjamin, with his track record in advancing robotics, will do with our holoportation technology.”

Image: Proto Hologram technology in action for retail.

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