Arthur Holm eyes remote meetings with DynamicMC launch

Arthur Holm has announced DynamicMC, a high-resolution, motorised video camera and microphone for video calls and broadcasts.

The DynamicMC was created for furniture integration and ease of operation. A discreet camera and microphone elevate from a stored position inside furniture, to a position in front of the user that offers optimum image and voice capture. It is designed to cover one person (max two people) at a time, and it disappears within the table surface when no longer required.

Arthur Holm designed the product with remote audiences in mind; the conference camera and microphone are positioned at a height, distance, and viewing angle that allows remote participants to see everyone in the room.

A 360-degree horizontal halo LED indicator shows if the camera and microphone are active or ready to queue.

The DynamicMC is available with an HD-SDI or a USB camera. The omnidirectional microphone is available for both camera types, and it provides two audio outputs that work simultaneously.

Its camera housing has a black non-reflective matt finish. When stored, the camera top functions as a lid with an easy operation touch sensor. A circular cover plate is available to close the gap between the surface cut-out and the camera housing.

The DynamicMC can be remotely controlled using AHNet / RS-422 or GPI and units can be daisy-chained using Cat6 cables for control. Each unit can have a unique address.

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