Biamp announces Parlé audio and video conferencing bars

Biamp has combined its Beamtracking microphones, loudspeakers, signal processing and a 4K camera with auto-framing to launch Parlé audio and video conferencing bars.

The family of Parlé conferencing bars includes the ABC 2500 audio bar that has a 27-element microphone array to create three Beamtracking zones that can actively track and mix conversations from around the room. Echo cancellation and noise reduction algorithms are paired with smart speaker technology that can actively adjust speaker performance. The company also says its Biamp Launch tool can tune the product to meet the acoustic needs of each meeting room.

Biamp’s VBC 2500 video bar adds a 4K ePTZ camera that offers auto-framing and auto-focus. An automatic privacy shutter covers the camera when not in use.

Parlé conferencing bars are installed by plugging one USB cable directly into a UC system for a UC room, or into a Devio SCR-10 for a BYOD room, and pressing the Launch button.

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