Capture lectures with the Extron SMP 351

Extron Electronics has launched the SMP 351 which is an H.264 streaming media processor for the capture and distribution of live AV sources and presentation. The product is aimed specifically at the education market and is meant to be used by professors.

The SMP 351 supports both live streaming and recording. It comes with five inputs and it can combine two high resolution signals, a background image and metadata into dynamic layouts to enhance a presentation’s effect.

Extron’s FlexOS embedded operation system allows the product to be adaptable and also allows access to applications that can help automate control.

Furthermore, the SMP 351 is complimented by the Extron Streaming Content Manager (SCM) to help administrate users, groups and recordings produced by the product. The SCM can also rpackage the media into files that can be accessed via the Extron Media player. SCN can be used from the PC or mobile device.

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