Datapath unveils 4K graphics cards

Datapath has released its Image2K 4K graphics cards, designed for multi-output applications and LED displays, capable of mixing 4K and HD outputs at 60 frames per second.

Systems built using Datapath’s VSN or iolite 600 chassis can use up to eight Image2K cards, providing 32 HD outputs, 16 4K outputs or a mixture of both.

Multiple videowalls and single screen displays can be powered from a single system.

A fan is integrated with the heat sink to maintain an optimal operating temperature, with connectivity provided by four HDMI outputs which are capable of 2560x1600@60fps resolution.

Users can configure two 3840x2160@60fps or one 3840x2160@60fps and three HD (1920x1080@60fps) from the same card.

7680x1080@60fps is also supported for long LED displays.

The Image2K is available both as a card only or pre-installed in a Datapath VSN or iolite videowall controller.

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