Kaptivo Enterprise enables whiteboard live streaming

Kaptivo has announced the availability of Kaptivo Enterprise, a micro-optical camera and software system that digitises dry-erase boards for instant, secure content sharing across teams.

Designed to meet the needs of large organisations, Kaptivo Enterprise is the next generation of the Kaptivo whiteboard camera system that launched in 2016.

Employees can securely live stream whiteboard images through the web or video conferencing platforms, providing remote colleagues instant access to the latest content on any device.

SSL encryption and approval protocol for whiteboard sessions give teams granular control over content, and the option to connect via Ethernet provides added security.

The Kaptivo camera, which attaches to the top of any whiteboard, automatically saves images and shares content in real time via livestream or video conference integration. The images are instantly enhanced to remove any reflections, glare, and people blocking the board.  Content changes are compiled into multi-page timeline presentations of the meeting.

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