Philips touch monitors now shipping

Philips has unveiled a range of new in-cell touch monitors, the B1TC series and B1FTL series, for open frame points of information and self-service applications.

The B1TC series is comprised of two models: The 242B1TC (23.8-in) and the 222B1TC (21.5-in), using advanced in-cell touch (AIT) technology and projected capacitive touch, providing simultaneous touch on up to 10 points.

The displays feature an anti-glare coating, with full HD resolution and 3H resistance to protect against scratches alongside compatibility with Windows 10, Android and Linux versions.

B1FTL series

The B1FTL series includes four models: The 242B1TFL (23.8-in), 222B1TFL (21.5-In), 172B1TFL (17.0-in) and the 152B1TFL (15.0-in), with all models featuring projected capacitive touch technology that can detect 10 fingertips simultaneously, working with fingers as well as gloves.

Each model includes edge-to-edge overlay glass with 7H scratch resistance, with the 242B1TFL featuring 350 nits of extra brightness and the 152B1TFL featuring 450 nits of extra brightness.

All models feature an anti-glare coating and are rated for IP65 (front only), with side seal foam for protection against water and dust.

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