Biamp updates Tesira firmware with 4.4.3 update

Biamp has announced new additions through its Tesira 4.4.3 firmware release, adding new features and updates.

The 4.4.3 firmware update brings fixed line-level audio assistive listening output in launched TesiraForté systems. 

A GPIO logic input connection has also been added to support a fire alarm mute in launched TesiraForté X systems. 

Additional support for updated hardware components in TesiraForté X Rev. C has also been added, with all TesiraForté Rev. C units requiring Tesira firmware 4.4.3 or later. All previous versions of TesiraForté are supported in this firmware version. 

TesiraForté X will also now pulse the ‘launch ready’ light when a firmware update with new features that require a re-launch to use. 

Tesira 4.4.3 also resolves several firmware issues.

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