Samsung The Wall All-In-One brings easy-to-install immersive displays to region

Samsung has expanded its large immersive display line-up in the Southeast Asia and Oceania region with the launch of The Wall All-in-One (AIO) at its Display Tech Summit event in Bangkok on 13 September 2022.

The visually impressive display, which makes use of the latest Micro LED advancements, reinforces the company’s status as a leader in the technology.

The Wall’s stunning picture quality makes it perfect to provide impressive customer experiences in Boardrooms, office lobbies, high-end retail stores, showrooms and more.

What makes The Wall AIO, which is also called The Wall IAB series, ground-breaking is its ease of setup. It requires only two hours for two persons to install, a huge time savings from conventional Samsung Micro LED setups.

This is because The Wall AIO comes with a pre-adjusted seam and pre-assembled frame kit, which includes an embedded media play S-box. To get it set up, trained installers will mount the wall brackets, dock the background plates and finally hang the four pre-set modules.

With the integrated control box, The Wall AIO can be configured automatically. This does away with the time-consuming configuration between the control box and cabinet.

The Wall AIO has a display thinness of just 59mm and is available in two sizes and two resolutions – 4K 146-inch, 2K 146-inch and 2K 110-inch – so the decision for a panel size or resolution is fairly straightforward.

The Wall AIO comes with Samsung’s latest innovation in Micro LED technologies, which ultimately delivers a next-generation leap in display quality. Firstly, The Wall AIO has features Samsung’s Black Seal Technology, which offers a deep black background that blankets the screen uniformly. This creates a seamless canvas for purer blacks and enhanced depth for improved contrast and detail.

Another critical image quality enhancer is Samsung’s Ultra Chroma Technology. Using narrower wavelengths, the display can produce RGB colours purer and more accurate than Samsung’s conventional LEDs. What this translates into is more vibrancy and dynamism in the colours when scenes are recreated from real life.

Lastly, The Wall AIO features Samsung’s Neural Quantum Processor 4K, which helps deliver superior visuals by enhancing contrast and removing noise. This way, the content displayed is analyzed and optimised for much-improved picture quality.

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