Hall Technologies demos AV management systems

Hall Technologies will unveil 13 new products and stage live demos of AV management systems when it exhibits at ISE 2022 in Barcelona, May 10 to 13.

It will show off the EMCEE200, a seamless multiview presentation switcher and scaler for managing videoconferencing; collaboration; lecture and remote learning for education and training; and live streaming for YouTube, Facebook and OBS platforms. It has Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and Picture-over-Picture (POP) capabilities, features a built-in dual MIC mixer and Hall Technologies claims it can process up to four 4K@60 video sources with zero latency. EMCEE can record a presentation to an external storage device and provide USB3.0 4K capture to stream live with no additional hardware.

Hall Technologies will also show Discovery 2, a 4K signal extension kit with USB and HDMI capabilities for software video conferencing and audio extraction. It comprises an HDBaseT 2.0 Wall Plate transmitter and stand-alone desktop receiver and communicates through soft-codec video conferencing. It is suited for situations where USB must be extended alongside HDMI for display interactivity for items such as interactive whiteboards or projectors. Additional analogue de-embedding allows connection of an external audio system with a projector when used in classrooms or meeting rooms.

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